NEW Lithium-Ion Risk Prevention System

Whilst Lithium-Ion batteries offer many advantages over other energy storage technologies, they can present challenging fire risks when things go wrong - and traditional fire suppression methods are not effective when a condition known as Thermal Runaway occurs within the Lithium-Ion cells; when this happens, the resulting fire can be extremely intense and it can often take several hours, or even days to fully extinguish such fires - potentially resulting in a complete loss of the facility.

The LPG Lithium-Ion Risk Prevention System is designed to prevent fires in Lithium-Ion battery cells, by anticipating and inhibiting the conditions that lead to Thermal Runaway. One of the early warning signs of Thermal Runaway is the production of off-gases and if detected early enough the system can allow actions to be taken that may prevent a catastrophic event.

When combined with our AUTOPULSE, ZETTLER or FIRECLASS detection and INERGEN or SAPPHIRE Fire Suppression Systems, the LPG Lithium-Ion Risk Prevention System monitors the battery cells and detect these off-gases in order to provide an early warning detection.