SAPPHIRE Protects National Museum of Scotland


Housed within the walls of the Royal Museum of Scotland are some of the most innovative inventions and discoveries of the last 300 years. From the fountain of learning from the early 18th century that produced everything from Anaesthetics, Pneumatic tyres, telegraph, telephones, Logarithms, Radar, Refrigerators, Television, Chemical bonds and much more, two artefacts span the period and epitomise the breadth of innovation.

From the invention of the Steam Engine by James Watt, so instrumental in powering the Industrial Revolution to the first cloned mammal in 1997, Dolly the Sheep, it is only fitting that the fire protection system in the museum is at the forefront of innovation and technology. SAPPHIRE brings an impeccable environmental profile coupled with high safety margins, not just an attractive, but demanded combination of properties in the 21st Century with ever more concern over climate change.

An atmospheric lifetime of 5 days and a global warming potential of just 1 bring the assurance of environmental management to any system user. Together with compact storage for the 3MTM NovecTM 1230 fire protection fluid in the SAPPHIRE system and a fast acting profile, SAPPHIRE is the system of choice for the enlightened user.

The vital computer systems containing records of scientific developments is securely protected by SAPPHIRE.