Managing the demand, for the supply of gas, electricity and water to businesses and homes is a considerable responsibility. It involves three major processes, generation, transmission and distribution. Disruption to supplies during any one of these processes would be intolerable and very costly.

There are numerous fire hazard risks in any power generation facility. However, control rooms, switchgear and sub-stations demand special attention to protect personnel and ensure the continued operation of the plant. Selecting the most appropriate fire safety solution for this critical infrastructure is a vital consideration.

  • IG-541 using iFLOW technology. The innovative technology iFLOW Fire Suppression System is a state-of-the-art delivery system that provides a regulated and effective discharge of inert gas clean agent. Inert gases are colourless and odourless, safe for people, the environment and cause no damage to your most highly valued assets.
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  • The SAPPHIRE system using 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid is a clear, odourless fluid vaporises upon discharge and absorbs heat to suppress the fire rapidly. This results in less damage to critical equipment, facilitating a much shorter recovery time, and therefore reduced downtime. Safe for use in occupied areas, the SAPPHIRE systems protects occupants, ensures continuity of operations and delivers effective asset protection for marine vessels.
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  • FM-200 FM-200 system uses FM-200 (HFC-227ea) fire extinguishant which has zero ozone depletion (ODP). This colorless, odorless agent vaporizes upon discharge and absorbs heat to rapidly suppress fire while leaving no residue to clean up.
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