Lithium-Ion Risk Prevention System Wins Innovation Award at 2021 DCS

LPG Lithium-Ion System We are excited to announce that the LPG Lithium-Ion Risk Prevention System has been awarded the Data Centre Safety/Fire Suppression Innovation of the Year at the DCS Awards.

The system is engineered to provide early-warning detection of battery failure in Lithium-Ion Energy Storage Systems (ESS) and other applications using Lithium-Ion batteries such as UPS systems in data centers and manufacturing facilities.

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Acoustic Solution Wins Innovation Award at 2020 DCS

LPG Acoustic Nozzle We are excited to announce that the LPG SAPPHIRE Acoustic Nozzle has been awarded the Data Centre Safety/Fire Suppression Innovation of the Year at the DCS Awards.

The SAPPHIRE Acoustic Nozzle is specifically designed to be used as part of the SAPPHIRE PLUS 70 bar system using Novec 1230 fire protection fluid. This solution joins the inert gas acoustic product introduced in 2017 and is fully implemented in the acoustic calculator, a unique tool designed to model the acoustic effects in the Data Centre environment.

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NEW Lithium-Ion Risk Prevention System

LPG Lithium-Ion System The LPG Lithium-Ion Risk Prevention System is designed to monitor Lithium-Ion batteries used in Energy Storage Systems; giving an early warning detection to prevent catastrophic thermal runaway. The system seeks to detect the presence of off-gases, indicating the early stages of battery cell malfunction prior to thermal runaway. The system will communicate with the battery management system, to shut down the failing batteries and may activate the suppression system to mitigate off-gas ignition, while providing local and remote alarms to inform personnel and emergency response teams.

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COVID-19 Information

WorldPhoto Johnson Controls Delivers Mission Critical 'Essential Products, Services and Personnel' During Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic.

Johnson Controls is committed to the health and safety of all employees, customers, partners and the communities we serve. Johnson Controls is actively implementing local and regional contingency plans across the globe to ensure that our teams are available to support and meet the needs of our customers and other stakeholders, while ensuring our employees’ health and safety remains a priority.

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SAPPHIRE COMPACT Direct Low Pressure (DLP) fixed fire suppression systems have been specifically designed to protect small enclosures in accordance with Loss Prevention Standard, LPS 1666. Small electrical enclosures can present a fire hazard at any time, the SAPPHIRE COMPACT system is designed to rapidly detect and extinguish fires. Systems can be designed to protect enclosures with both natural ventilation and forced airflow.

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Hydrostatic testing of gaseous fire suppression systems

SAPPHIRE PLUS To help ensure your fire suppression system remains compliant with the latest regulations, Johnson Controls is offering a full Hydrostatic Test Service (H-Testing) for FM-200, SAPPHIRE®, CO2 and INERT gas containers that have been in service for 10 years. Our Hydrostatic testing service provides, where possible, a Service Exchange of containers to maintain protection and reduce downtime of your fire protection system.

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Introducing SAPPHIRE® PLUS

SAPPHIRE PLUS LPG SAPPHIRE PLUS is an innovative 70 bar fire suppression system, enabling higher fill densities at an increased pressure – reducing footprint, installation costs and service time. Part of the proven LPG SAPPHIRE range, SAPPHIRE PLUS is designed to optimise fire safety performance in high value areas, such as power plants, telecommunications, aviation, transport, IT, medical facilities and museums. In addition, SAPPHIRE PLUS is UL Listed, FM approved and EN compliant, allowing complete confidence in its fire suppression capability.


Solutions for Your Business

LPG fire suppression solutions are part of the Tyco Fire Protection Products portfolio. Offering an extensive range of gaseous fire protection solutions specifically developed to protect the risks in your environment.

Commercial Fire Protection

Commercial spaces and places of critical infrastructure such as offices, data server rooms, and data storage facilities have specific risks and challenges when it comes to fire protection. LPG has a comprehensive range of fire and safety solutions to suit the specialist needs of each individual hazard.

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Marine Fire Protection

In the marine and shipping industry the demands the sophistication of modern ships, commercial or military and the hazardous operating environments require design flexibility coupled with specialist fire protection solutions. Read about LPG fire protection solutions for Marine applications.

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Industrial Fire Protection

Industrial environments can pose various fire risks, environments such as hot presses need specialist solutions, LPG knows this and has tailored solutions.

Fire Protection in Spaces for Public Use

LPG has a complete range of gaseous fire suppression solutions which play a crucial role in protecting assets and systems that keep Local and Central Government functioning and hospital infrastructure protected. We provide a wide range of solutions that are designed to protect public spaces and places of historical interest such as libraries and museums.